QUACK is a creative company founded by Liew Niyomkarn and Inne Eysermans.

QUACK is a unique collective that focuses on inspiring storytelling through sound. Our goal is to boundlessly deliver an intrinsic auditory experience range from film to podcast and audio journalism to documentary. We value the collaborative process and we believe that good narratives can change and uplift people’s hearts.

Inne Eysermans and Liew Niyomkarn have been recording and performing for over 10 years, collaborating on a project under the name "Velma Spell".

Inne has delivered audio work for VRT, BBC, VPRO, and more. She has experience in making soundtracks for film, theatre and podcast. Since 2020, she works as an audio editor for audiobooks at De Uitsprekerij. Inne also founded the band "Amatorski".

And Liew has recorded the interview for BBC, Fresh Air UK, and Somethin’ else production. She is also a full-time music maker and performs extensively in the U.S. and Europe.

QUACK is looking forward to bring your vision to life through sound.

egg logo by Wessel Baarda
photo by Che Go Eun



QUACK is an all-around studio, serving stories for podcast, radio, film, theatre, games and other creative projects.

This is what we offer:

  • composition in sound & music
  • live sound recording on location
  • dialogue recording and sound clean-up
  • mixing and mastering
  • foley recording